5 Healthy Habits You Can Start Today

Make Health A Habit: 5 Simple Habits That Will Transform Your Life


Almost every single successful person will tell you that the success they found in their life is based on routine. Not just any routine, but a specific tailored routine that is made up of beneficial habits. Good health is a goal that must be accomplished in order to find success in other areas of life. Here are five easy habits to incorporate into your routine to achieve good health.


Exercise For 30 Minutes Everyday


The benefits of exercising daily exercise in order to make health a habit are never ending. From releasing dopamine to strengthening muscles to speeding up metabolism, exercise helps just about every bodily function that exists. I suggest exercising first thing in the morning so that you can kickstart your metabolism to burn maximum calories throughout the whole day. Your brain will also produce more dopamine, a chemical that puts you in a positive mood.


I find eating sugary fruit and listening to music helps me wake up quickly and ready to attack a workout every morning. A half hour of exercise a day for three weeks is only ten hours total and will put you in great shape. It’s easy to incorporate into your routine and a small investment that will see lucrative returns for the rest of your life.


Meditate For 20 Minutes Everyday


Meditation is the practice of clearing your mind by focusing on a particular activity, thought, or idea. There are tons of meditation techniques that can be used to make health a habit such as listening to music, guided visualizations, taking a walk, or even just sitting or lying in silence. As long as your mind is completely focused on that one activity and not tethered to anything else. I usually undergo meditation by stretching shortly after I work out to maximize the health benefits.


The late great Kobe Bryant credits much of his success to this practice. He meditated every morning for fifteen to twenty minutes and is quoted saying, “I think it’s important because it sets me up for the rest of the day. It’s like having an anchor. If I don’t do it, it feels like I’m constantly chasing the day, as opposed to being controlled and dictate the day.”

Make Health A Habit By Eating Right


Eating healthy is an essential habit to realizing success. Much like exercising, eating healthy is also beneficial across the board, from weight control, to strengthening memory, to improving your mood. A good start to creating a diet would be lots of fruits and vegetables, fish and nuts for protein, and some foods high in fiber such as avocados or lentils. Try to avoid foods with lots of sugar, fat or carbohydrates.


Willpower is important here. It can be hard to break away from the fast food diet, especially post-college but after you start eating healthy it only gets easier. Many people find success in certain diets such as vegetarianism or intermittent fasting. As long as you’re avoiding foods-you-know-you should-not-eat and incorporating food that is alive into your day, you’ll definitely notice improvement in both your physical and mental health.


Spend Time Outside


Breathing in fresh air has numerous health benefits that you probably didn’t realize. Among other things, breathing fresh air into your respiratory system helps with digesting food, lowering blood pressure, and strengthening the immune system. Not only is the fresh air helpful to making health a habit, but absorbing sunshine is also very healthy with benefits including protection against inflammation and fighting depression.


Too busy to incorporate exercising, workout out, and spending time outside all in one day? These three habits can be done simultaneously to promote efficiency without sacrificing any health benefits. Fresh air in the morning just hits differently and can be effective at waking you up as well.


Read Every Day To Make Health A Habit


Reading is the ultimate success habit of individuals everywhere. It’s impossible to interview a current or former executive in today’s world about their daily routine without them mentioning at least some form of reading. Whether it be consuming non-fiction material in order to increase their wealth of knowledge about a particular topic or fiction to facilitate creativity and quiet their mind. Reading and meditating go hand in hand, so here is another opportunity to feed two birds with one seed.


Start by incorporating one of these habits into your daily routine in order to realize a mentally and physically healthier you. Time is the ultimate resource and how you spend it is up to you. We have nothing without our health so begin putting your time to good use and let’s make health a habit. I promise success will follow.


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