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Inside Our Gummies 

We believe in making self-care more fun & approachable! All of our tasty gummy vitamins are Vegan, Non-GMO, Gluten-Free, and made in right here in the USA. Each of our formulations are carefully selected by our Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Zev Myerowitz, to combine a wide spectrum of benefits from essential vitamins, superfoods & herbals.

Time-Tested Ingredients

Tranquility, Sleep Support* 
Melatonin - A naturally occurring hormone that works with your body to promote restful sleep cycles.*
Passiflora - A unique botanical used for centuries to calm and soothe.*
Vitamin B6 - Maintains & supports your body's metabolic process throughout the night.*
Fortify, Immune Support* 
ElderberryAntioxidant-rich superfood packed with phytonutrients to support immune function*
Propolis, Echinacea & Vitamin C - Botanical & Adaptogen blend to give your immune system a powerful wellness boost.*
Restore, Inflammation Regulation* 
Turmeric - Antioxidant-rich nutrient known for it's naturally powerful anti-inflammatory effects.*
Ginger Root - A nutrient-dense natural remedy used accelerate recovery.*
Black Peppercorn - Packed with essential vitamins to support active lifestyles.*
Vitality, Gut and Metabolism* 
Apple Cider Vinegar - Used for centuries to support gut health & regulate metabolism.* This sweet combination of enzymes & amino acids work to keep you feeling like you!
Vitamin C - Essential Vitamin to regulate the body's key functions.*

Designed & Endorsed by Experts 

Quality & safety are our first priorities when it comes to sourcing our ingredients and producing our vitamins. All of our vitamins are produced in FDA  Approved, Natural Product Association Certified, GMP Certified facilities. Our Nutritional expert, Dr. Zev Myerowitz, hand-picks which fun & effective formulations make it into our collections.